» Filter instructions

Begin using ”My DXSummit” by creating your account

Fill at least all fields marked with asterisk.
-Please note that after registering your callsign will be protected so that it cannot be misused
for sending ”fake” spots by someone else.

When you have registered and signed in to DXSummit you can modify your profile.
- If you want to change your username, insert new username and old password and press "Update".
- If you want to change your callsign, insert new callsign and press "Update".

When signing in to DXSummit, you’ll see the summary page of filters as well as five last spots without filtering from Summit.
When signing in for the first time, only last five spots from DXSummit are shown since you haven’t created your own filters yet.

From this page you can create own filters.
Filters may be DXCC listing based or base on general filter in rules (see later). Up to seven filters can be made for each user.

Start creating DXCC filter here
- Select DXCC countries you want to be alarmed of
- This works just the same way like ”old paper DXCC sheets tables”
- You may select alarm from all spots regardless of mode or band
- Or you may have detailed alarm based on mode and band

Creating DXCC filter
-Give a name to the filter
-You may select sound alarm for every filter
-Fill DXCC table (tag those selections you want to alarmed of

-You may activate e-mail alarm for all filters
-Please use e-mail filtering only when needed. Every spot that launches alarm, sends also an e-mail to you.
-You may toggle e-mail alarm on and off and set time and day intervals for alarms
(e.g. e-mails are only sent for new DXCC countries at the time when you’re working at office)

Start creating General filter here
-You can filter certain DX calls, spotters, info´s and frequencies
-With show/don’t show option you can include and exclude selections

Creating General filter
-Give a name to the filter
-You may select sound alarm for every filter
-Filtering can be made according to different fields
-E-mail alarms are also available for these filters

Filtering spots by DX call
-Enter callsign to DX Call field
-Select ”exactly” and ”show”
-In this example only spots from station CO6LC are shown
-E.g. useful for looking some specific DX pedition

Filtering spots from some spotters
-Enter prefix to DX Spotter field
-Select ”begins with” and ”show”
-In this example only spots from Finland are shown
-E.g. useful for seeing spots from your location or ignoring unwanted spotter

After creating filters, you’ll see the summary of filter results in ”My filters” page. Each filter results can be hided.
Filter can be modified by clicking filter name and all results of that filter can be seen from ”view filter results”

After signing in to DXSummit you can easily send a DX spot.
Your callsign will be automatically filled, all you need to do is fill DX call and frequency (additional info can be added).

If sending an announcement, leave callsign and frequency fields empty, just type announcement into info field.

You can also seen all results from your filters in one window by selecting ”view all filter results”.