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To DX Summit Users,

The DX Summit is currently receiving more than one million monthly hits and has more than 110,000 monthly users, the support for which requires considerable investment in resources and time. Support is currently channelled through the recently established HelpDesk button which we aim to keep online while kindly encouraging you to pledge your support.

Your donation of USD/EUR 10.00 or any amount of your choosing will be used to help fund exclusively the DX Summit HelpDesk function.

As a "Thank You" for your support, we will send a Radio Arcala wall calendar postpaid to those who donate and appreciate the efforts made behind the scenes. Support related to the calendar is limited to the months of July and August, 2009.

The Radio Arcala wall calendar became hugely popular at the Visalia, Dayton and Dallas events. It is, first, a high quality, full-color affair introducing some of the breakthrough Radio Arcala concepts in pictures and stories. But, second, it also includes the dates of worldwide amateur radio gatherings and contests. It is a treasure to behold the mammoth 160M beam and to imagine your own personal trek to the Frozen North, the home of OH8X, the Azores, CU2X, and Turkey, TC4X.

To make a donation and receive your calendar, please remit your donation through PayPal or directly to either Antti Nevantaus, OH7EA, Huvilinnanaukio 6 C 43, FI-02600 Espoo, FINLAND (EU donations) or Richard Crouch, N6RC, 1517 Norman Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125, USA (U.S. and other donations).

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The above "Donate" button will take you to a secure PayPal page where you can remit your donation. The calendars will then be mailed to the address you specify on this page. This address can be different than the PayPal form address for those who want us to send the calendar as a gift. The calendar is subject to the donation of 10.00 USD/EUR or more and is limited to one calendar only.

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